Commuter Comforts has gone green. Today our customers are drinking out of 100% compostable cups. Compostable products require less energy and release fewer toxins in production than recycled products and they break down quickly into organic material. We save almost 400 gallons of compostable product from entering the landfills every week! Most of our other waste is recycled - even our coffee grounds are used to keep our local library gardens green.  However, we don't recycle our employees!  Most of our employees have been with us for an average of 8 years. And, we buy local - over 90% of our vendors are homegrown.

Locally sourced products

Where possible all coffee and food products are sourced locally. Our coffee comes from Mukilteo right over on Whidbey Island and all of our baked goods and food items come from the area. Here are some examples; Sweet Dahlia and Chef on the Go - Bainbridge, Ancient Grains, Farm Kitchen and Cups Espresso - Poulsbo and Macrina - Seattle.


Employee respect and equity

Several of us at Commuter Comforts have been employees here for many years. The employees serving you at Commuter Comforts have been with us for an average of 8 years. We have an atmosphere of respect and support and we have a great time together. Obviously with up to seven people in our small stand we need to have strong team working skills and a sense of humor!


Customer Service / Community

Commuter Comforts has been serving the community for over 24 years. In this time we have had the opportunity to serve and get to know our customers. We have many that we consider friends. Commuter Comforts also has a long history of donating coffee to community events and have never said no to a donation request. 


Sustainability Operations

We are happy to announce that we now serve all coffee and most food items out of 100% compostable packaging. Can't find a composting bin? Use ours! Commuter Comforts will leave out their composting bin 24/7 so you are able to use it at your convenience.  Also, by collecting all coffee and espresso grounds and any other compostable product we are now saving 400 gallons a week of compostable product from going into the land fill!! 

Help us get composting on the ferries! Contact them at 206-464-6400, to encourage them to add composting on board and in the terminals. 

Cheers, enjoy your cup. One that you can truly feel good about!